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10 Dec 2019
LMTCC Superstars Tournament 2019 + Presentation

ANNUAL SUPERSTARS TOURNAMENT 2019 RESULT !!!!! After a little bit of a scare earlier in the week with rainy weather warnings over the Murcia Region, Thursday and Friday saw the Sun return and the pitch ready for our annual Superstars tournament. Wit... [ Read more ]

21 Nov 2018
Merging of 2 teams 2018

After months of talks and negociating, a new alliance has formed and Torrevieja C.C has merged with one of the nearby teams in the league. Next season, Torrevieja C.C will join forces with La Manga C.C to form one big club and take on the strength of... [ Read more ]

06 Oct 2018
Superstars Competition 2018 Result

For the 3rd year in a row, the annual Supersars Competition took place in the Town of Torrevieja. But this year only 9 players participated with the currant title holders not taking part in it. This means that this year, a new champion would be crown... [ Read more ]

04 Dec 2017
Torrevieja Superstars 2017 Result

And so this past weekend, the boys of torrevieja participated in an all stars tournament to determine who is torreviejas SUPERSTAR of 2017. It was a very cold morning of around 8º with clear skies but a strong wind blowing across the pitch. The wick... [ Read more ]

20 Feb 2017
Pre-season news 2017

So far 2017 has been brought lots of intense training with Torrevieja being allowed to train and share the facilities with La Manga Cricket club every other week as well as local training at our home ground. Recent news has come along to say that I... [ Read more ]

15 Dec 2016
End of a year but the start of an era

And so another year of cricket has ended. With Torre finishing last in the ECCL 2, but dispite the league position in the end, the torrevieja side ended the year happy and in a great spirit of the game. personal goals were achieved throughout the yea... [ Read more ]

23 Apr 2016
First league game of the 2016 season

After much anticipation Torrevieja hosted valencia stars in the first league game of the season where the weather was hot and the cricket was fresh. Having won the toss Torre Skipper Chris decided to bat first whish seemed a good choice as the home t... [ Read more ]

01 Oct 2014
League Champions 2014

The Cricket Club Torrevieja league champion. 1 October, 2014, by Sports at Cricket   Torrevieja Cricket Club was formed three years ago after originally playing as San Fulgencio CC. After an offer from the Department of Sports and the City of T... [ Read more ]