LMTCC News story

Pre-season news 2017

20 Feb 2017

So far 2017 has been brought lots of intense training with Torrevieja being allowed to train and share the facilities with La Manga Cricket club every other week as well as local training at our home ground.

Recent news has come along to say that Interllectuals Cricket club has pulled out the ECCL 2 once again cause they feel they wont be able to field a side for every fixture so to aviod disspointment a week before a set game they have pulled out now. They have said they will honour the fixtures and play friendlies on the dates given to them, with or without a full side.

Other news sees one of our greatest teammates, Mike Wareing moving to England in the coming month. Mike is a Key Member of our team with bat and ball and known mostly for his amazing reflexes and unbelievable catches in close. He is having a leaving party at "Bar Carmens" located at calle Frey Angelico, 8 at Urb. El Chaparel around 8:30 till late. Hopefully he wont be out before drinks !!!

NEW PLAYERS!! so far this year we have had a few news players join the club and participate in training as well as a new coach to help out along the course of the year. Every one is welcome to come and participate in any way, weather its to play, coach, umpire, score or even watch. all is welcome.