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Torrevieja Superstars 2017 Result

04 Dec 2017

And so this past weekend, the boys of torrevieja participated in an all stars tournament to determine who is torreviejas SUPERSTAR of 2017.

It was a very cold morning of around 8º with clear skies but a strong wind blowing across the pitch. The wicket was set and all the players listened in to the rules and drew their batting order and their bowlers. 

Every one was up for the challenge and energy levels were high, batting was at a high level, fielding was energetic and the bowling was consistent, a few missed opportunities from run outs and catches prooved costly to the bowlers and fielders in such conditions. All n All the scores were very close after the first challenge with wickets falling and runs being hit.

The catching challenge was always going to be a deciding turn of events. with everyone making it past the 5th round but then most people fell in the next 5 round with only 4 people making it past round 10. In the end it was P.Michael who was left standing and looked like he was going to go for a long run but was cut short when he caught a diving catch only to drop it after hitting the floor. He caught 14 catches and earned some valuable points.

The 2nd catching round saw the players start 40metres away and take some long catches but even after having warmed up their hands with the short catching, 5 people were eliminated in the 1st round including previous round winner P.Michael. Alot of debates here and there but some good catches aswell saw R.Singh the last man standing and took 2 more catches before dropping a catch. He earned himself a valued 8 catches which could be decisive.

Upon counting up everyones performance with bat, ball, fielding and catching. the scores were pretty close. with the battle for 2nd only having 1 point between them. It finished with Neville on 116 points in 3rd place and earning 10€. P.Michael with 117 points in 2nd and being 20€ richer.

But without a doubt, after taking some very good wickets in the Match situation challenge, taking 8 long catches and 11 short catches and finishing with a total of 129 points. The winner was ROBIN SINGH!!!  the 18 year old came into the team at the beggining of the season and caused alot of problems with his bowling attack and it prooved worthy yet again in the tournament along with those extra 2 catches at the end of the long distance catching which indeed turned out to be the winning points. He was awarded the 2017 Torrevieja Superstars Trophy and 40€ well earned.