LMTCC News story

Superstars Competition 2018 Result

06 Oct 2018

For the 3rd year in a row, the annual Supersars Competition took place in the Town of Torrevieja. But this year only 9 players participated with the currant title holders not taking part in it. This means that this year, a new champion would be crowned.


As past years, a match situation challenge was played where everyone would bowl 3 overs, bat 3 overs and accumulate points depending on their performance. With alot on the line, everyone played well, but after the match situation challenge, only 3 batsmen batted their full 3 overs. A new challenge was brought into the competition where players were made to field a rolling ball, pick it up cleanly then throw it to a keeper. Dispite the rules being simple. This was a hard challenge to deam fair for all. but nonetheless the round was done. Then the real challenge was about to begin. The catching Challenge, a round that for the past 2 years has decided the winner of the tournaments. with 4 people being the top of the leaderboards with close scores. After the Short catching it was down to the final 3 people. After 13,15 and 17 catches in the long catching from the final 3 participants. 

In the end, it was Pawitter Singh that came out victorious winning the tournament by 5 points !!! 

Second place was Rahul Maini

Third Place was Connor Wood.


Another successfull competition and hopefully next year will be just as exciting..........